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Why Don't SMBs Offer Retirement Plans & What Would Change Their Minds?

Posted by Dana Sheehan on Feb 6, 2017 9:08:27 AM

When I was a recent college graduate who had gotten her first “real job” in 1999, I received some solid “real world” advice: start saving for retirement now. I saw the projected numbers, and at 22 years old I was ready to start putting money aside, but the small business I worked for didn’t offer a retirement plan. That first year my salary was less than $20,000, I was newly engaged and my money was directed towards a wedding and an apartment. Even with the best of intentions, taking a portion of my paycheck and setting it aside simply didn’t happen.

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Retirement Plans Require Heavy Security - Are You Up For The Task?

Posted by Dana Sheehan on Jul 27, 2016 1:53:52 PM

The Internet is both beautiful and terrifying. It’s a place that allows anyone to do practically anything - order shoes, buy stocks, plan a vacation, monitor your retirement plan… the list goes on and on. But with this convenience comes risk, and personal information is right in the middle of that target.

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